1  What can Claim it do for me?

Air passengers travelling to or from any European Airport, who were a victim of a long flight delay of more than 3 hours, or a flight cancellation, or boarding was denied due to an overbooking, are entitled to a financial compensation which varies by law (EU Regulation 261/2004) from 250 EURO, 400 EURO or 600 EURO per passenger.
Claim it is specialised in claiming those compensations.
Thanks to our team of lawyers and legal experts, as well as our extensive network and our database, Claim it ensures that your claim will reach the right services, as good, as complete and as quickly as possible.

In case Claim it disagrees with the outcome of the demands by the airline, it often decides to start legal steps against the airline.
This again without any extra costs to you.

2  What is the ‘no-cure-no-pay’ principle?

Claim it works on the customer friendly ‘No-cure, No-pay’ principle.
That means that when you authorise Claim it to act in your name, there will be no initial costs to you.
If in the worst case the airline has a legitimate reason to not pay the compensation, the entire procedure will still be without any costs to you, even if Claim it made expenses.

However if the airline does pay the compensation, after Claim it was authorised to act in your name, Claim it will invoice you 25 percent +VAT of the amount of the compensation. Within 30 days Claim it will then transfer you the amount of the compensation minus our invoice into your bank account.
In case the airline pays you directly, Claim it will send you its invoice of 25 percent plus VAT, which you should then pay to Claim it by bank transfer.

3  How long does it take?

Claim it does everything in its power for your claim to be handled as quickly as possible.
However, practically it seems that the trail of a claim from introduction until payment can stretch from a few weeks up to two years.
It all depends if we need to start a legal procedure or not and therefore it is quite difficult to predict how long it will take.
Nevertheless we always aim to handle claims within 6 months, but once again it all depends on the situation.

4  May I stop the procedure along the way?

Off course you can abandon the procedure with us anytime.
Just be aware that if you decide to stop the procedure after having authorised Claim it to act in your name, Claim it will invoice you 25 percent of the claimed amount in order to cover its expenses.
This is only in case you decide by yourself to stop the procedure we started.
If you wait for the results, we will only invoice you in case we win the case.

5  Could I handle a claim by myself?

Of course each passenger is free to introduce a claim by him / herself at first.
However, it is made extremely difficult for the unexperienced customer. It even seems to be that some airlines’ goal is to do everything they can in order to find a way to not pay. In addition, very long waiting times, specific procedures and bureaucracy makes that many prefer to choose for the No-cure No-pay service offered by CLAIM IT, which ascertains that their claim will, as good, as complete and as fast as possible reach the right services.

In case CLAIM IT disagrees with the results, it can decide to start legal steps against the airline. The whole procedure will still be without any costs for you.

6  What if the airline changes the flight times?

In case the airline changes the flight times, one should consider the initially booked flight as a cancelled flight in case the airline informed you about it:

  • less than 14 days before departure, and if the newly offered route means that you should leave 2 hours earlier compared to the initial flight times, or makes that you reach the final destination more than 4 hours after the initially scheduled time of arrival.
  • less than 7 days before departure, and the newly offered route means that you should leave 1 hour earlier compared to the initial flight times, or makes that you reach the final destination less than 2 hours after the initially scheduled time of arrival.

In you were in one of the above mentioned situations, you can claim now, using the option ‘my flight was cancelled’, and we will make sure you will obtain the financial compensation.

7  What if the airline contacts me directly?

In the case that the airline contacts you directly, although we are authorised to act in your name, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible.
We need to be aware of the new situation, especially in order to avoid to continue procedures in court, in case they accept to pay the compensations.
Therefore, in such cases,please always transfer the correspondence to info@claimit.be .

8  Where can I find the status of my claim?

Simply log into MyClaimIt on the right top of the home page. You will see the actual status of your claim.
If you need any other information do not hesitate to send en email to: info@claimit.be .

9  Why do I receive letters from court?

If we have started a legal procedure, you might get copies at your home address of announcements or dates in which we need to be present in court.
Please note that our lawyers always receive copies and will always represent you in court.
There is no need to be present.
If you choose to be present, we kindly ask you to contact us before, so we can put you in touch with the lawyer.
This could avoid a situation of unnecessary long waiting times.

10  How long do I have in order to file a claim?

The time limit to introduce a claim is different in each country. In Belgium it is one year.
In other countries such as France or the Netherlands the file should be introduced at the latest two years after the incident occurred.

11  Does Claim it always go to court?

No, only if CLAIM IT evaluates that the result is not correct.
And only if there is a legitimate reason to refuse a compensation, as for example a volcano, strikes, political unrest or any other exceptional situation, CLAIM IT will accept the decision. On the other hand CLAIM IT is not bound to take legal steps in every case; this remains its own decision.