How does it work?

Your flight was canceled, delayed more than three hours or overbooked? You might be entitled to a financial compensation.


The amounts are determined by the EU Regulation 261/2004 and amounted to 250 EURO, 400 EURO or 600 EURO per passenger, depending on the distance you traveled. (See ‘your rights’)
This applies to all flights from Europe, regardless of the company, as well as for flights from a non-European country which land in Europe, if the flight was operated by a European airline.
The non-European airlines departing from a non-European country, are not bound by this regulation.

Claim it is specialised in recovering those compensations from airlines, based on a ‘no cure, no pay’ principle.

Our strong team of lawyers and legal advisors are experts in the field.

Exceptional circumstances

Many times airlines try to hide behind “force majeure / grace of god” or “exceptional circumstances” in order to avoid payment.

Only in very few cases, these reasons may be invoked as a legitimate reason for not paying.
Some examples of real exceptional circumstances: a volcanic eruption, a wildcat strike, political unrest, war, sabotage or terrorism.

If you choose to use the services of Claim it in order to obtain the compensation to which you might be entitled to, you can simply submit your application via our website. After adding the requested documents, every effort will be made to process your application as quickly and smoothly as possible. By providing the necessary evidence and pursuing the proper procedures, Claim it makes it easier for you, ensuring a high success rate.

In many cases, it is necessary to bring the dispute to court.
In all cases, Claim it will cover all costs related to these procedures, such as legal fees, the costs of bailiffs, etc.

In the event that there would be a legitimate reason why we could not give a positive result, Claim it will cover all costs and never charge you any costs made. So you have nothing to lose.

You can always follow the progress of your file by logging on to our website in the ‘MyClaimIt’ zone.
You can also choose to be notified whenever the status of your application changes. The duration of the procedure varies depending on many factors.
Once the procedure is won, we charge 25 percent, plus VAT, (so in total 25% + 21% VAT= 30,25%) in exchange for our services and we will refund the balance to the customer.