Passenger rights

EU Regulation 261/2004 foresees that passengers, who travel to or from any European airport, are entitled to a financial compensation when they arrive at their final destination with a delay of three hours or more, or when their flight was cancelled or they were denied boarding due to an overbooking.

The amounts of those compensations are regulated by law and are:

  • 250 EURO for flights of 1.500 km. or less.
  • 400 EURO for flights of between 1.500 km and 3.500 km.
  • 600 EURO for all other flights (3.500 km. or more)

Through our CLAIM IT NOW form you can apply immediately.

This regulation does not apply to Non-European airlines, leaving from a Non-European country, even if their destination is a European airport.

How do you appeal to your passenger rights in practice?

rechten-van-passagiers-dossierkennisIt probably doesn’t seem obvious to you entering into a dispute against a large and mighty airline corporation on your own. Because you know just as well as we do, that they might well try to avoid fulfilling their obligations. By unfairly appealing to ‘force majeure’ for instance. By conveying the impression that you are about to enter a complicated and uncertain procedure. By giving you the feeling that you will have to invest a lot of time and effort for an unpredictable result.


Abuse of power with the aim of not respecting the passenger rights?

Sometimes even we are flabbergasted by the reasons some airlines dare invoke in order not to compensate passengers that they have served badly. This is why we started Claim It. An organisation that fights for passenger rights.


What do we do for you?

We force airlines to respect passenger rights and apply the EU legislation regarding compensations.

Your advantages for having Claim It deal with your case are very clear and transparant:

  • if we don’t obtain a result, cannot force the airline to pay up, you owe us nothing at all
  • we put experienced legal experts and top negotiators at work on your case
  • we thoroughly know the legislation and all the tricks some airlines have recourse to
  • no administrative hassle for you; you entrust us your file once and have no more work at all with it
  • at the end you receive your compensation, minus our 25% renumeration; there isn’t any other cost involved

In a nutshell, we enforce your indemnisation claim with the airline, using all legal means at our disposal in combination with a huge dossier knowledge and a sincere passion for passenger rights.


Contact us right away and we go at work for you too. Just as we battle for thousands of other passengers each and every day.

Fill in your CLAIM IT NOW form now. And start your claim procedure right away.

Many others have preceded you

rechten-van-passagiers-vrederechterMore than 9.000 Belgians have contacted us in 2016 in order to enforce their passenger rights.

The pitbull tactics Claim It uses are quite successful. “Many airlines are startled by our firmness and determination and they have already modified their attitude.“, Ralph Pais, CEO of Claim It tells us. “Contrary to claims filed directly by a passenger, ans sometimes dismissed out of hand, once we intervene suddenly airlines are willing to work towards an amicable settlement.

“In 2016 the airlines have payed out about 1,5 million euro to affected customers. In the other half of cases we’ve unfortunately have had to resort to the tribunal.”

The Justice of Peace of Zaventem has seen a lot of cases land on his desk. This many that he has had to use a cart sometimes in order to get the files to the courtroom.

Other judges have dealt with thick files too. In the past some of them have dismissed such claims, judging that Claim It couldn’t substitute itself to the passenger. The Belgian Supreme Court has recently rejected this argument radically!

You have a real interest in entrusting us with your claim. We fight for passengers rights. For your rights. Towards the highest possible damages you are entitled to.

Stronger together with Claim It

You know how it goes when you arrive at the check-in desk with excess bagage weight, don’t you? You have to pay an additional fee. And not a small amount either. The airline doesn’t pity you at all at such a time. Because they know very well that you have no choice. You cannot cancel your trip, or leave part of the contents of your luggage at the airport, in order to avoid having to bear the additional charge. There is no reason to pity them. Quite the contrary, demand what you are entitled to!

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