Are you the victim of a flight delay of 3 hours or more? Then you are probably entitled to a financial compensation. And its amount depends on the distance covered by the flight. Read more.

Flight delay compensation
In what cases are you entitled to a compensation?

An indemnity is owed when:

  • a delay at arrival of at least three hours (long delay) gives the same rights in terms of compensation as a cancellation
  • such a delay does not, however, entitle passengers to compensation if the air carrier can prove that the long delay was caused by extraordinary circumstance which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Flight delay compensation - Why work with Claim it?

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Flight delay compensation - How much can you claim?

The amounts of the flight delay compensations are regulated by law and are:

  •     €250
  •     €400
  •     €600
  • Up to 1500km
  • 1500km to 3500km
  • More than 3500km

This regulation does not apply to Non-European airlines, leaving from a non-European country, even if their destination is a European airport.

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How to get your compensation?

Through our claim form you can apply immediately. If you want to know more about the claim procedure, go to our how it works page.



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Compared to claims filed directly by a passenger, and sometimes dismissed out of hand, once we intervene suddenly airlines are willing to work towards an amicable settlement.


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What does it cost to have Claim it intervene in your favor and demand your flight delay compensation for you?

Claim it works on your case on a 'no win, no fee' structure*. Most of all this means that you never pay us a single euro or penny, if you don't receive a compensation.

All you need to do now is state your claim to us and supply us (through the form on our website) with all compulsory records. From that point onwards, we manage the claim entirely for you.

Our legal top specialists:

  • check thoroughly whether you are entitled to a compensatioin
  • appraise the amount of this compensation
  • make sure your file is faultless
  • file the demand with the carrier
  • in case of a disagreement and/or baseless denial of your right to a monetary compensation, we take the airline to court in order to compel them to pay out your compensation

Only after your claim has been successfully dealt with by us and you receive a financial compensation, will we levy a fee of 25% + VAT. Accordingly, this outlay is deducted from your financial restitution and is NEVER above the percentage specified on this page. Even if we have to sue the airline in front of a judge, or go to the court of appeal in order to make the airline pay you your legitimate payment.

* 'No win, no fee' implies that the fee is owed solely in case of a favorable outcome. Accordingly we only bill you anything if and when the airline carries out a refund. We intercede and even litigate if required in order to produce this result. All of this just costs you 25% plus VAT of the compensation refunded. Most meaningful is that if the airline - for whatsoever reason - doesn't pay a financial settlement, you do not owe us anything.

Flight delay compensation - How long does it take to receive it?

Unlike the airlines, we strive to interact in the most open manner on this. Once all matters are in our possession, we promptly go to work for you.

Unfortunateley this is not enough to give a precise timescale, oftenly because air carriers attempt to dodge their obligation in less than fair modes. For that reason, the timing for the full resolution of your claim may vary from a few weeks to more than a year.

The earliest you entrust us to handle your claim, the more speedily you will be able to get your indemnity.

Don't forget about our 'Fast Cash' formula. If you choose it, once we have approved your claim, we will transfer the money immediately. It will be on your account within one week.

Flight delay compensation - What happens if you miss a connecting flight due to a flight delay in the previous flight?

Have you used a connecting flight? A connecting flight takes at least two different planes with two different flight numbers to reach your final destination. When travelling in this manner, you double your chances of encountering delays due to weather or air traffic control, as you need to land and take off twice.

Now imagine the following scenario. Your first flight is delayed by 50 minutes. As such this doesn't entitle you to a compensation (because the delay would need to be at least 3 hours).
But due to this 50 minutes delay on the first flight you miss your connecting flight and you need to take the next flight out of the intermediate airport to reach your final destination.
If, in this case too, you end up arriving at your final destination with 3 hours delay or more, you are entitled to a compensation under the delayed flight EU rules. Even if your 'new' second flight departs and lands exactly according to it's own schedule.
What matters here is that in the end you have experienced a flight delay of 3 hours or more. Even though the first flight was delayed only 50 minutes and the second flight was technically 'on-time', don't hesitate to contact us in order to claim your compensation.

An example will clarify this matter even more:

You need to travel from Amsterdam to Rome and have booked a trip consisting of 2 connecting flights:

First leg: Amsterdam (AMS) to Brussels (BRU) , scheduled to leave AMS at 14:07 and land in BRU at 16:49
Second leg: Brussels (BRU) to Rome (FCO), scheduled to leave BRU at 18:35 and land in FCO at 20:40

Unfortunately, the first flight is delayed by 90 minutes and because of this you only land in BRU at 18:19 (instead of at 16:49). You miss boarding to the second flight, which leaves BRU on-time at 18:35.

Luckily for you there is a later flight from BRU to FCO that evening. That 3d flight is exactly on-time and you end up arriving at Rome Airport just past midnight, ie with a delay of more than 3 hours when compared to your initial booking.

Despite the first flight having less than 3 hours delay and the second flight being on-time, you are still entitled to the flight delay compensation.

What are the so-called extraordinary circumstances in which the carrier doesn't have to pay you a flight delay compensation?

Even in case of exceptional circumstances the airline has the obligation to give you meals, drinks, a couple of phone calls or text messages and, if required, an hotel up until the final departure time of your flight. In specific circumstances the airline does not have to grant you a pecuniary compensation as well.

The term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ may apply to a number of sequences of events where the delay/cancellation was caused by something out of the normal; things such as:

  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage
  • Security risks
  • Extreme weather conditions e.g. volcanic ash cloud
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Hidden manufacturing defects
  • Industrial action (strikes unrelated to the airline such as baggage handlers or air traffic control)

A technical problem has been denied as a valid exception by the Court of Justice of the European Union as 'force majeure', as this is part of the 'normal' administration of business at a commercial airline.
On another page of our website you can read how carriers try to evade living up to their obligations regarding passenger rights through false pretences time after time.

You're the victim of a flight delay and you hesitate if you are entitled to a compensation? Claim your potential restitution by filling in our 'flight delay compensation' form now. We'll inform you promptly if you are eligible to a compensation.

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